Flavorful Fryers

Blog 3                                                              February 17, 2019

“We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a Craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.” Wendell Berry

 Roast it in your oven, simmer it in curry, or add it to your salad – chicken has more uses than you can count. It’s a staple of most of our cooking and something you always keep in the freezer for snowy days when all you want is a good pot of chicken noodle soup. Since we all look to chicken for a versatile source of protein, it’s important to make sure it’s delivering just that: protein and flavor. This is where our pastured poultry really shines.

 Packing more flavor into your cooking

 Last week we talked about the health and environmental benefits of pastured poultry. This week it’s time to talk about flavor. The rich difference in flavor you taste in fresh, farm-raised poultry as opposed to highly processed conventional chicken comes from the environment the chicken was raised in as well as its diet. 

A study published in the journal Poultry Science studied 600 chickens raised in the conditions of mass-production chicken farms and chickens raised in a natural outdoor environment. These researchers found that the chickens raised with exercise, fresh air and access to wild greens had better developed muscles, better textured meat and most importantly, a more tender, juicier flavor.

 Adding more protein to your diet

 An essential part of every diet is a good source of protein and we often turn to chicken for that because it is easily accessible and you can cook it a different way every day. This is another reason why we love pastured poultry. It isn’t just tastier; it’s also more protein rich! Just one farm-fresh chicken breast can supply over 52 percent of most people’s daily protein needs.

 Redefining “fresh” and “natural”

 Every time we go shopping we see the words “fresh” and “natural” everywhere, because every brand knows that’s what we want in our food. But too often “fresh” simply means “freshly thawed.” When we say “fresh” you know for sure what we mean. Chickens are ordered on our website and picked up on site at McKerracher Family Farm on processing day.   You can see the habitat in which your poultry was raised, enjoy some fresh air and sunshine at our farm, and take home a chicken that you know for sure is going straight from the pasture to your dinner table!

 To place a chicken order or learn more about McKerracher Family Farms pastured poultry, click here https://www.mckerracherfamilyfarm.com/orders. Our order page is up and running for the season, however our chicken production is limited and some dates go quickly, so please order soon to have your pick-up date confirmed. You only pay a deposit when you order, the balance is due when you pick-up your chickens. Stay tuned for recipes, as we share some of our favorite ways to enjoy some fresh, tasty chicken!