Humane Treatment - Blog 4

Humane Treatment – Blog 4

 “True benevolence or compassion, extends itself through the whole of existence and sympathizes with the distress of every creature capable of sensation.” – Joseph Addison


Whether it’s a pet like a dog or a horse or a source of food like a lamb or a chicken, the way we raise our animals and the environment they live in has a huge impact not just on their happiness, but also their health.


I love seeing chickens being chickens and enjoying sunshine, bugs and scratching around in the dirt. By supporting small, local farms that raise chickens in their natural habitat, you not only enjoy a better quality of meat but you get to support a lifestyle for animals that is humane.


We’ve all seen the images of factory farmed chickens in extremely large groups, stuck in tight quarters with no space for fresh air. They have no access to sunlight or fresh greens and insects. Their lives are not the lives of a natural animal. The cruelty of the way they are raised is not just upsetting, it is also unhealthy for both them and us. Spending their lives surrounded by fecal dust, with no space to exercise results in poor nutrition and weak flavor and texture. Not only are they on antibiotics but their diets are different from what a chicken would naturally eat. 


Stress affects not just the mind but the body. Just as a lifestyle of stress and a poor diet ruins our health, it also ruins the health of animals. It brings us joy to see our animals living their best life, enjoying freedom and safety, and being raised and eventually processed humanely.


Supporting local farms is the compassionate, healthy choice for all of us, people and animals alike. When you place your order and pick up fresh, healthy pastured poultry you’ll enjoy more delicious meals, with better nutrients and better flavor, and you’ll support a happy lifestyle for the chickens and the farmers. To order see