Welcome to McKerracher Family Farm - 2019-02-04

Feb 4, 2019

 “We respect the Pigness of the Pig, and the Chickenness of the Chicken.”

Joel Salatin

 Here at McKerracher Family Farm we’ve been raising Pastured Poultry for nearly 25 years, respecting the life of the animal and their unique “chickenness.” And it’s been quite the journey to build the lifestyle and farm we love.

We started off in Alberta, Canada, in 1985 we moved to northern California. But homesteading and farming was our dream and we found ourselves packing up again to move to North Idaho, where we’ve built our home. Coming from a farming background living off the land was a natural. I’ve always loved to read and followed Joel Salatin. His words inspired me to start raising Pastured Poultry.  Starting with 6 of our eventual 10 children ranging from 2 to 16 we had plenty of help.

Knowing that healthy food makes healthy bodies we wanted the best food possible. We chose to raise our own chickens, so we’d know exactly what went into growing them. Not only did we get the most delicious, healthiest chickens, but our children learned valuable like skills as well. A few years later when we started to raise chicken for our friends, neighbors, our children got paying jobs and learned more skills, from customer service, presentation skills, to working under time pressure etc. It made me nervous at first, I’ll admit – you never know what kids will say! But customers loved meeting them.

Being quite an introvert, reaching out to people was a challenge, but I also felt so greatly blessed to have so many loyal and grateful customers. Getting healthy food for our children and being a health and wellness advocate was more important to me than my discomfort, so I knew I had to help others.

Now 25 years later, we have sold our original homestead and moved across the road to a 10-acre forest where we cleared and planted 2.5 acres. We are developing McKerracher Family Farm further and building a retirement sized home, as all but one child out of 10 have grown up and moved out.  This year we are looking forward to more Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries as well as fresh, Market Produce, Herbs, and of course Pastured Poultry!

We encourage you to join us on our journey to grow and enjoy farm-fresh food and nurture happy, healthy families! Check out https://www.mckerracherfamilyfarm.com to sign-up for updates on when Fresh Produce is available.