Aug 9, 2019, Good afternoon Julie,

Just wanted to let you know, today, I made soup from one of the chickens I purchased from you the other day. Extraordinary flavor! It was sooo tasty. Thanks so much for making the chickens available.

Larry L

Pastured Poultry

We raise our poultry in small mobile shelters that we move daily to provide access to fresh pasture, sunshine, and unpolluted air.  Instead of confining hundreds of birds in an artificial environment choked with fecal dust, this system frees the poultry to forage and glean up to thirty percent of their diet from fresh greens.  In addition, we feed a balanced ration of fresh non-GMO grain with no medications added. You can imagine the health and vigor that is evident in these birds.  These naturally healthy chickens will amaze you with their outstanding flavor and juicy tenderness.  We custom raise whole broilers during the spring, summer and early fall to fill pre-specified orders ready for cooking or your freezer. Chickens are $3.50 a lb dressed weight.

Conventional Chickens & Organic

Cage Free Chickens

Cage Free Chickens

*Huge groups (10,000 or more)

*High Stress

*Air hazy with fecal particulate (damages respiratory tract and pulls vitamins out of body, overloading liver)

*Limited air & little or no sunshine

*Limited exercise No green material or bugs

 Killed by electric shock (inhibits bleeding)

Mechanically eviscerated (prone to breaking intestines & pilling feces over carcass)

Up to 40 chlorine baths (to kill contaminates*

Government inspected

Routine injections (anything from tenderizers to dyes)

High saturated fat

Cooking loss 20% of carcass weight

Short keepers (freeze only 6 mos. or less)

Poor, flat taste                                                     * Also applies to nearly all "Certified Organic" Chickens




Pastured Poultry

Chicken out in Sunshine and clean, green grass.

Chicken out in Sunshine and clean, green grass.

Small groups (100 or fewer)

Low Stress

Clean air

Non GMO Grain


Fresh air and sunshine

Plenty of exercise & fresh daily salad bar

Killed Humanely

Bled (per Biblical directive)      Carefully hand eviscerated

No chlorine Baths

                              Customer inspected

No injections during processing

Low saturated fat

Cooking loss 9% of carcass weight

Long keepers (freeze more than a year)

Rich, delicious taste                          **Intensively farmed chicken is devoid of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which is essential for child brain development & mental health stability.

Thank you for all your hard work in providing healthy, organic produce, gorgeous flowers & healthy maintained organic chickens!! Your chickens are the best tasting & juiciest we’ve ever had!! Yummy for sure!! Next year I’ll pre-order more!!
— July 30, 2017 Patti F. reviewed McKerracher Family Farm — 5 star
Delicious Fresh Chickens!

I purchased eight chickens from McKerracher Family Farm for my wedding this summer. We were lucky that slaughter day was just 2 days before our party, so we could serve the freshest chicken possible to our guests. We spatchcocked (some call in butterflying) them, and grilled them to juicy perfection. No one could stop talking about how good the chicken was! I highly recommend purchasing poultry from McKerracher Family Farm!
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