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Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; 



Eating Sun-ripened strawberries on the McKerracher Farm was only half the fun.  These strawberries are in a league of their own for size and flavor!  Incredibly delicious and to tempting not to eat!  This farm is a blessing and a very sweet treat."

Chelsea W. - 2017

"Your chickens are the best tasting & juiciest we've ever had!!"

"Your chickens are the best tasting & juiciest we've ever had!!"

Patti F. reviewed McKerracher Family Farm — 5 star

July 30, 2017· 

Thank you for all your hard work in providing healthy, organic produce, gorgeous flowers & healthy maintained organic chickens!! Your chickens are the best tasting & juiciest we've ever had!! Yummy for sure!! Next year I'll pre-order more!!

Turnips-2017 (2).jpg


Riley G - The turnips are the juiciest, sweetest, tender turnips I've ever eaten! I loved them!!😍😍

From farm volunteer David C.   reviewed McKerracher Family Farm — 5 star

May 26, 2017

Great people. Great variety. And, it looks bigger and better each time I visit!

Excellent chicken, great farmers!

By: Cathleen F.    (Dec 21, 2014)  https://www.localharvest.org/reviews

We had just moved to Idaho over the summer (2014) and wanted to find local, pastured chickens. We found the McKerrachers on LocalHarvest, and purchased 5 chickens. The chickens are high quality and delicious. The McKerrachers are lovely people and we enjoyed stopping by the farm to pick up our chickens. We'll definitely be purchasing again next year and hope to have a bigger freezer so we can buy more. Thanks so much!

Delicious Fresh Chickens!
By:    (Sep 7, 2014) https://www.localharvest.org/reviews

I purchased eight chickens from McKerracher Family Farm for my wedding this summer. We were lucky that slaughter day was just 2 days before our party, so we could serve the freshest chicken possible to our guests. We spatchcocked (some call in butterflying) them, and grilled them to juicy perfection. No one could stop talking about how good the chicken was! I highly recommend purchasing poultry from McKerracher Family Farm!

Best chickens!
McKerracher Farms chickens are the best we have ever eaten. They retain their juices whether roasted, grilled or rotisseried. Excellent farm!
- From Local Harvest Website